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Simple Guide On Ways To Successfully Market Your Business

Running and operating a business isn’t all it seems. Not sure what people are telling you, but it’s just not as simple as those YouTube videos and stories tell you. Your products and services cannot speak for themselves and, thus, require some assistance, which is where you need to successfully market your business. But with so […]

What’s Missing In Your Tech Resume

The IT sector is highly represented on any list of well-paying and in-demand careers. You may find in this sector roles ranging from IT Specialist to Data Analyst to Web Developer. With the ability to achieve great salaries comes competition and a great resume.    With so many graduates and experienced professionals to compete with, […]

Why Your IT Resume Sucks

Although employment has increased, competition for openings will still exist in Information Technology (IT) because it’s one of the most popular career choices for new graduates and experienced professionals. In fact, The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that employment in Information Technology professions will increase by 12% between 2018 and 2028 (about 546,200 new positions).  […]