Best Resume Writing Services In 2024

One of the toughest parts of job searching is putting together a strong resume. As if finding jobs isn’t hard enough, reading and writing and reading again can be frustrating. 

Resume writing is demanding, time-consuming, and requires significant work. One way to avoid the unnecessary anxiety around resume writing is to hire an expert to help you. 

We compared the prices, customer support, response times, and, most importantly, the quality of work produced by a few resume writing companies to provide you with 2024’s Best Resume Writing Service List. 

But First, How Do Resume Writing Services Work?

For the majority of resume services, you’ll first select a package. Customers are then often asked to fill out a questionnaire designed to help the organization learn more about their needs.

determine their current stage of professional development, and better match them with the most qualified writer. Other companies may require you to instead spend time chatting with an associate but sometimes during conversations essential details are missed. 

Oftentimes, a competent resume writer will then get in touch with you through phone or email, take the time to learn about your professional aims and achievements, and ask you pertinent follow-up questions regarding your work history.

The last step is to get your resume back from the writer. After you obtain your draft, many resume writing services have a limited amount of revisions until they turn over the final product. Most resume services even provide free revisions if you’re not satisfied with the final product.

What’s Next – Learn About Available Services

With so many resume writing services, it may be hard to find the right service for you. 

We’ll help walk you through a couple of our favorites. 

Here are the Top 5 Best Resume Writing Services in 2023:

1. Career Owls

“High-quality small business”

  • Packages start at $350+
    Additional Services:
    • Letters: $50.00+
    • Interview Prep: $200.00+
    • Career Coaching: $200.00+

    Turnaround Time: 510 Business Days


    Career Owls specializes in developing high-quality resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles for job seekers looking for 5 and 6-figure roles. Career Owls is most known for its free resume service where many consistently gain valuable feedback on how to improve their resume and often choose to purchase a service. They also offer career coaching and mentorship services to support clients as they navigate through the different stages of their careers. They are one of the most competitive custom professional resume writing and review services in the Great Atlanta Area and they deliver consistent 5-star reviews on Google. 

    • Resumes are written by experts who have earned the CPRW credential and real-world expertise in change management, business, and technology to tailor resumes for impactful success. 
    • Maintains a 5-star rating and specializes in working with individuals in all industries, especially technology, engineering, and business. 
    • Offers a Free Resume Review to provide strategic insight on how to improve your resume. 
    • Provides insightful and tailored tips specific to the client. 
    • Averages a 5-day turnaround for most projects. 
    • Turnaround time of 5+ business days for more complex executive-level projects that require more in-depth research.

    2. Top Resume

    “Focused on customer service”

    • Professional Growth:$149 
    • Career Evolution: $219 
    • Executive Priority: $349

    Turnaround time: 1 – 2 Weeks 

    Contact: 1-800-604-1929 or

    TopResume was established in 2014 by Jeff Berger, who has now amassed a staff of over 1,500 resume writers from all around the United States. TopResume’s free resume analysis is a great feature for anyone on the fence about investing in a professional resume writer. However, keep in mind that things can often get lost in a big operation and TopResume has often been reviewed for providing resumes with inadequate results and poor document quality. 

    • Excellent service for job seekers at any level or in any field.
    • Their approaches are organized according to the stage of their careers, and their writers are given tasks based on their level of expertise in the field.
    • They offer a free professional resume review to provide you with advice to improve your resume. 
    • An excellent option for those applying to universities and the government they have skilled writers in those areas. 
    • There have been several complaints about their resume’s quality.
    • Their free resume review service reviews often complain that their review was conducted by software and is therefore inaccurate.

     3. Monster

    “Relatively Inexpensive well-known brand”

    • Basic: $129
    • Deluxe: $169
    • Premier: $349
    Additional Services:
    • Extra Resume: $80
    • Cover Letter: $40
    • Thank You Letter: $40

    Turnaround Time:  7 – 10 Working Days

    Contact: 1-800-666-7837

    Monster provides not only a comprehensive database of up-to-date job openings but also a resume-writing service with 3 different pricing tiers. The basic, deluxe, and premier. Monster’s premium LinkedIn service helps you attract more attention to your online portfolio, emphasize

    your qualifications, and present a unified professional brand. ranked third because unfortunately, the basic package does not include the option to have Monster compose a cover letter for you. The time has come for you to improve your setup.

    • Offers free revisions within 60 days, which is a plus for job-seeking prospects.
    • A good option for applicants in a hurry as ETA is 5 business days
    • Affordably priced resume services range from $129 to $349.
    • The standard turnaround time for services is between 2 and 5 business days.
    • The lack of a cover letter in the standard package is often bad news for job seekers seeking a package with the core essentials. 
    • No industry-recognized resume writing certifications advertised.  

    4. ResumeGo

    “Unlimited Revisions”

    • Premium: $290
    • Professional: $360
    • Executive: $600
    Additional Services:
    • Extra Resume: $80
    • Cover Letter: $40
    • Thank You Letter: $40

    Turnaround Time: Up to 14 days


    ResumeGo takes a data-driven strategy, ensuring your resume is effective with both human recruiters and automated software. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a return policy to those unsatisfied with their product, making them one of the safest resume services uncertain about resume writing services. ResumeGo offers an initial phone consultation to allow customers to discuss their accomplishments and hires skilled writers who have passed rigorous tests.

    • Candidates who carefully examine their own work will benefit from the 14-day revision period.
    • Helpful for job-seekers who are on the fence about using a resume service. You can get your money back if you aren’t satisfied.
    • Known for recruiting just the most skilled writers from the U.S. and Canada. 
    • Offers a phone consultation for new clients to provide them with an opportunity to discuss their experience. 
    • The cheapest plan is not suitable for job seekers who need a cover letter since this service is not included in this package.
    • There aren’t any known resume writing credentials that writers have.

    5. Resume Writing Services

    • Resume Package: $270
    Additional services:
    • Cover Letter: $50
    • Linkedin: $80
    • Thank You Letter: $20
    • One-Hour Interview Coaching: $100
    • Expedited 24-Hour Delivery: $50

    Turnaround Time: 1 Week


    One of the more modest businesses featured here is Resume Writing Services. Their services are presented in a much more straightforward manner, with just one major resume bundle available. In addition to the standard services, they also provide LinkedIn profiles, cover letters, thank you letters, and interview preparation, making their product customizable and adaptable. 

    • Candidates that prefer not to overcomplicate their resumes can benefit from the simplicity of their services. 
    • A great option for prospective applicants who value flexibility in their revision process.
    • They provide unlimited phone consultations with the writer.
    • You may expect to receive a resume draft in a week.
    • Only one plan is offered, despite optional upgrades, which is unfavorable for applicants who like variety.
    • There isn’t a lot of variety and customizations available through their offerings. 



    “Our Top Overall Choice: Career Owls”

    Career Owls delivers excellent customer service and assists clients with simplifying the entire process, all while meeting customer expectations and consistently providing results. Not to mention, they consistently receive five stars across all ratings and reviews, just another plus.