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More than 75% of resumes fail to make it to a hiring manager. 

Why? Critical mistakes were made in the screening process as a result of (1) lack of detail, (2) poor keyword usage, and (3) limited accomplishments.

It’s not YOU that’s the problem. It’s YOUR approach and YOUR resume.

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Joshua R.
"Great for making a more presentable resume and provides awesome improvements that are guaranteed to be noticed by employers!"
HIGHLY RECOMMEND! I have a beautifully written resume and cover letter. I was able to go back and forth until i felt 100% happy with my resume. I was worried with so many different prices and services for a professional resume service it was overwhelming!
Tay C.
Career Owls gave me great feedback to my old resume which needed updating. I also learned different techniques that I can add which will help with my job searching!
Vladislav A.