The Top 10 Free Resume Review Services

With the level of competition in today’s job market at an all-time high, a well-written resume is essential. Unfortunately, many people looking for work either don’t know how to improve their resumes or aren’t sure whether their resumes are any good. 


You may improve your chances of being hired for your ideal job by taking advantage of a free resume review service. 


There are a lot of services out there, so picking the correct one might take a lot of work.

Here’s a look at the top 10 free resume review sites


1. Career Owls

Career Owls is a small, family-owned business based in Atlanta, GA.


With its superior knowledge and personalized service, Career Owls has earned a reputation as one of the top resume review services in the local region. When compared to its competitors, Career Owls stands apart because of its dedication to providing high-quality, free resume services which are tailored and customized through direct contact with clients.


Personalized Advice:

Career Owls provides customized reviews according to your field, professional standing, and career objectives, guaranteeing insightful recommendations to strengthen your resume.


InDepth Analysis

Career Owls provides an in-depth analysis of your resume, pointing out weak spots and offering concrete advice on how to strengthen its presentation, organization, and content.


No Hidden Cost:

Career Owls offers a free resume review service that offers helpful advice from a certified resume writer with no hidden cost.



Limited Free Resume Reviews

Free services sometimes come with restrictions on how many times you may request revisions or ask for a review of your work after it’s been completed. For those who require more long-term or ongoing assistance, purchasing one of their service packages may be the best option.


2. Jobscan

Jobscan is one of the best free resume screening services because of its cutting-edge approach. Jobscan finds gaps between your resume and the job posting by analyzing keywords and data.


Prompt feedback

Receive prompt feedback, but you might need to register for an account to view all of the free results.


Targeted Job Posting

You may use Jobscan to help you modify your resume to meet particular employment requirements.

ATS Optimization

They can help ensure that your resume is formatted correctly and has the appropriate keywords to pass applicant tracking systems (ATS).


Error identification

Jobscan highlights mistakes on resumes and provides detailed modification recommendations.



It Costs Money to Double-Check Resume’s Format

Perhaps a premium subscription is needed for more thorough formatting tests.


Few Details About the ATS Presentation

Jobscan does not show you a preview of how your resume will look when it is presented by the ATS to a potential employer.


Comprised of Fewer Features Than Competitors

Even if Jobscan’s analysis is thorough, Resume Worded’s may be more thorough.

3. TopResume

TopResume comes up at number three on our list because of its thorough evaluation and helpful suggestions for resume enhancement. They take into account things like resume structure, tone, and ATS optimization in their evaluations.



Identification of the specific issue

Your resume’s unique weak points are highlighted by TopResume, which also offers suggestions for improvement.


Preview of the ATS

When a potential employer clicks on your application, the platform will display the information it has extracted from your resume.


Free and Available Without an Account

The evaluation and its findings are available to you at no cost and without the need to register.



Smaller Turnaround Time Increase

The process might take a little more than two days to get your findings. 


Limited Particular Solutions

The assessment of TopResume might not provide as many detailed recommendations for resolving concerns.

Lengthy Content Review

There is a lot of content in the review, so it could take longer to read it all.


4. ZipJob

Similar to TopResume, ZipJob offers an evaluation of your resume by human resources experts and delivers a thorough analysis but with less detailed adjustment suggestions.


Expert Evaluation

ZipJob provides a human expert analysis of your resume along with a qualified evaluation.

ATS Optimization

The platform assists you in refining the file name of your resume and makes sure that it is compatible with application tracking systems.


Quick Turnaround

The review is sent by ZipJob in less than 21 hours.



Fewer Specific Cases

Your resume may not be referenced in as many specific cases in the evaluation.

Advice that Might Not Be Beneficial to You

Some suggestions, like deleting the resume summary, may not be pertinent to your situation. Therefore, you have to closely analyze and decode the feedback you receive.

Not As Meticulous as Competitors

ZipJob’s evaluation may not be as thorough as those provided by other services. 

5. Hiration

The goal of Hiration’s resume review is to find and correct certain mistakes on your resume, such as repetitive terms and missing abilities in the job experience area.


Quick Results

Hiring managers can quickly respond to your resume with the help of this service.

Review of Relevant Work Experience

The platform goes through your employment history section, checking for weak verbs and attempts at quantification in each bullet point.


Complete Coverage

Hiring does a thorough evaluation of your application by looking at each and every part of your resume.



Pay to download Completed Work

Hiration has a resume builder where you can make edits for free, but you have to pay to receive the finished product.

Missing Information

If the resume does not have a clearly identified heading, the reviewer may overlook important details like the summary.

6. Ladders

Ladders’ review interface is simple and quick to use, giving you an instant assessment of your resume’s relative merits.


Quick Outcomes

Get prompt criticism on your CV from Ladders.

ATS Sneak Peek

You may upload many copies of your resume and see how the ATS interprets them.


Overview at a High Level

A broad evaluation of your resume may be all that is provided by the review.

Formatted Modifications

It’s likely that some advice is more generic and template-based.

Advice that could be in question

 Some feedback and results may be questionable and unclear. An example would be recommending adding bullets to the education section, which can make the resume excessively lengthy for experienced candidates.

7. Monster

The free resume review from Monster offers basic information and insights into what skills the ATS will likely find on your resume.


Effective Recommendation

Good advice from Monster includes emphasizing accomplishments and giving precise statistics on your resume.

ATS Overview

The platform makes it apparent how one applicant tracking system (ATS) will handle your resume.


Slower Turnaround

The review might not be received for 34 hours.

Recommendations for General Change

It’s possible that the examination of Monster won’t offer precise answers to the problems it finds.

Upselling-Oriented Design

The goal of the service is to get people to pay for their premium offerings first. 

8. EnhanCV

The resume checker from EnhanCV points out major errors like missing contact information and makes broad recommendations for improvement.


Fast Results

Your resume receives a fast response from EnhanCV.

Editing resume builder

Their resume creator enables you to modify and download updated resumes, as needed. 


More On Upselling

The most suggested modifications could influence customers to choose their premium services.

Viewing Suggested Changes Requires Payment

Payment is necessary to access all recommended modifications in the resume builder.

Free Resume Download Has Footer with Branding

A footer with the EnhanCV logo may be present in the free resume download, which shouldn’t be too bothersome. 

9. LiveCareer

LiveCareer’s free analysis provides basic formatting and writing advice for resumes. More comprehensive services cost money but can provide more detailed feedback and advice. 


Quick Results

LiveCareer provides quick feedback, so you get practically instant feedback. 

Writing a Resume Using a Template

The review offers precise resume-writing assistance using templates. 


Not Enough Specific Advice

The assessment might not offer specific advice for your resume.

With an Upselling Focus

Users are encouraged to pay for access to and download the resume generator.

10. Employment BOOST

The free resume review from Employment BOOST assigns letter grades to key elements of your resume and offers general advice for improvement.


Sent As a PDF

The results are delivered to your email in a brief PDF.

Advice from the Pros

The study provides expert writing and formatting tips for resumes.


Slower Turnaround

Receiving the review can take close to two days.

Not Always Accurate

 The letter grades may not always accurately reflect the review’s errors, making them less significant.


The top 10 free resume review services offer an extensive range of helpful suggestions and critiques that can significantly boost a candidate’s resume and, in turn, their chances of getting an interview for their dream job. Some resume services, like Jobscan, are better at narrowing in on specific job postings, while others, like TopResume and ZipJob, provide professional assessments and advice on how to optimize your application for applicant tracking systems.


Career Owls distinguishes itself from these excellent services as a top resume review service that provides individualized and comprehensive feedback. Career Owls is an organization that goes beyond a one-size-fits-all approach. Their open lines of communication with customers guarantee that every resume is carefully examined and personalized to successfully highlight unique qualities and accomplishments.


Utilizing these free resume review services will dramatically improve your chances of finding a job, regardless of whether you rely on Career Owls or one of the other top competitors on this list. You may successfully navigate the tough job market and capture fresh employment chances by integrating professional assistance with your abilities and determination. Take advantage of the assistance provided by these platforms and start along the path to your ideal job with success.


Don’t pass up the chance to showcase your greatest qualities to prospective companies and open up new job prospects. Contact Career Owls for a Free Resume Review