7 Interview Questions To Ask An Interviewer

How many people can say they walk into a job interview just as prepared to ask questions as they are to answer them? It’s a simple concept that seems to be easily forgotten by almost everyone: Interviews are just as much about figuring out if the company is a good fit for you as they are about the interviewer assessing if you are the right fit for them.

While you’re busy preparing responses for your next interview, don’t forget to write down these important questions and get answers to them from your interviewer.


1. Did I Answer All Of Your Questions?

This is a great question for you to start with at the end of your interview. It allows the interviewer to get clarification on any answers you gave that he or she didn’t understand. The last thing you want is the interviewer assuming something about you that you didn’t intend, so ask this question to clear the air. Better safe than sorry!


2. What Qualities Or Skills Are You Prioritizing In Choosing Which Candidate To Hire?

You’ll be glad you asked this question especially if you end up being hired. Instead of having to wonder what to prioritize, you’ll already know what needs the most attention and are more likely to be successful. And even better if it’s something you’re not interested in. You’ll automatically know this job probably isn’t for you, which saves both you and the interviewer time.


3. What Actions Does The Company Take To Live Out Its Values?

You should research before your interview to see if the company has a mission statement on its website or social media pages. There is a big difference between having values and actually living them out. If a company says they are committed to diversity, for example, ask for specific examples that show they are actively pursuing this goal.


This is important for many reasons some of which include:

  • Ensuring the company is transparent and/or clear
  • Ensuring the company cares about it’s employees
  • Validating the company is true in it’s values & principles


4. What Separates Those Who Are Good At This Job From Those Who Are Great At It?

Many people can do a mediocre job, but employers want someone who excels. This question will clarify what qualities will set you apart from others. Showing you care about going above and beyond before you’ve even been offered the job will increase your chances of being hired.


Go ahead and ask this question and learn not only what you need to improve, but what your employer values the most out of a prospective employee. Again! Another time-saver.


5. What Positions Could This Job Be A Stepping-Stone For?

Employers are drawn to candidates who are driven. By asking questions like this, you’ll show you’re motivated and also get an idea of future opportunities for growth and moving up within the company or field.


6. What Are The Biggest Issues Facing Your Employees Today?

Asking your interviewer this question will show you how transparent the company is as well as what they are most in need of. This will be helpful as you decide whether or not you have the necessary skills to meet their expectations. The answer to this question could very well determine whether or not you accept or decline an offer.


7. What Are Some Of Your Best Memories Working Here?

If the company you’re interviewing for is truly a great place to work, the interviewer will have no problem talking about his or her favorite moments with them. If the interviewer struggles to answer, you may want to reconsider your interest in the job. Ideally, you’ll get to know both the interviewer and the company on a more personal level.



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