Here’s Why You Need A Career Coach

Transitioning into a new role or changing careers is an exciting and scary life change. It can be difficult, especially if you’re trying to tackle this challenge alone. If you’re unsure about the process of transitioning careers or if you have applied to several jobs without success, it may be time to hire a career coach. 

What Is A Career Coach?

A career coach is like a personal trainer for your career. They are the experts on mapping out and guiding you towards your career goals.

They will help you create a roadmap for your job, improve the quality of your job materials, and help you prepare for the dreaded job interview and negotiations that follow.

Partnering with a career coach can keep you motivated on the job search, and can also provide you with the resources and tools needed to achieve your career goals.

5 Reasons You Should Hire A Career Coach

1. Define Your Mission Statement And Value Proposition  

Humans pay attention and respond best when listening to a good story. You need to build a narrative that recruiters and hiring managers can latch on to convince them that you are the best person for this job. 

This story should include why you are applying for this job and how it fits your mission statement. What about the company are you passionate about? Why are you applying for a job at this company? Answering these questions will help you stand out as a rising star in the sea of applicants.

Additionally, you should show the hiring manager how you will leverage your experiences and skills in the new role. This is your value proposition, and it tells the person in front of you:

a) that you know the problem the company is trying to solve, and 

b) you are the best person to solve it.

A career coach can help you flush out these two critical points that will make you stand out from the crowd.

2. Set Milestones To Reach Your Goals

It can be intimidating to figure out the next steps in your career without anyone guiding you along the way. 

A career coach can help provide some direction towards career paths you may or may not have considered. They can help you establish milestones and a timeline to hit to reach your short- and long-term goals. 

A solid career plan that aligns with your personal goals is invaluable, and it will allow you to go as far as you can in your career.

3. Get Feedback On Your Professional Materials And Self

There’s only so much you can do from spending hours (or days) crafting your resume or re-working your LinkedIn profile. There comes the point where you have to pull off the blinders and get honest feedback from someone else about your work. 

While friends and family are the first people we usually go for personal feedback, they aren’t always reliable sources when it comes to professional career advice in your field. They may not want to hurt your feelings and will lie about how great your resume looks.

A career coach will provide unbiased feedback for your career materials and pitches. They are there to help you get an interview and ensure you are showcasing your best professional self. 

4. Help Practice For Your Interviews

You’re almost at the end of the finish line, and the last barrier between you and your next job is the interview. These high-stress events can make or break your offer. You should be prepared to answer their questions and show off the soft skills needed to get along with your future co-workers and bosses.

A career coach can prepare you for this important milestone. They can help you craft the perfect response to the tough interview questions. They can also help you practice important physical cues (e.g., eye contact) essential to engaging in a meaningful conversation. Anything that can give you an edge at this stage will be invaluable, and career coaches are the experts to go to for these insights. 

5. Navigating Difficult Conversations And Career Decisions

You’ve made it through the interview, and you have been given an offer at your dream job! To seal the deal, now you need to negotiate your salary and benefits. 

 Negotiations and other difficult conversations are critical to keeping your career moving forward. This is where a career coach can help. They will help guide you through these difficult conversations to get to the best possible outcome for you and your career.  

What Should You Expect From A Career Coach?


 Whether you have played in a sports team or are new to the office, we have had mentors to guide us towards our goals. Your career is no exception.  

A career coach is there to give you the tools and develop the strategies to shape your career the way you want it to look. Their recommendations and insights in the job search are invaluable. 


A job search can take a while, and it can be pretty demoralizing if you haven’t heard back from employers or have been rejected several times. A career coach can re-vamp your job searching process and provide you the confidence to keep on working towards your goals. 

Professional Growth

Trying to gain more responsibility in an upper management job? Or maybe you’re trying to transition into a new field? A career coach can help pinpoint the skills, education, and certifications you need to make these changes happen. 

What Should You Not Expect From A Career Coach?

Doing The Work 

While a career coach is there to help you maximize your chances of success, they’re not there to do the hard work for you. They will, however, offer suggestions and support to help you take action. It’s up to you to use their advice and to put in the work. 

Shaping Your Future

A career coach is not there to tell you what to do with your life. They are there to provide guidance. The responsibility to make challenging decisions and difficult choices is on you. They can only help you weigh the pros and cons.

Saying Yes

Sometimes we are our own worst enemies when making important career decisions. We can get distracted or procrastinate on the essential things that will launch our career forward.

It’s beneficial to have someone who can support you and guide you when you’re veering off in the wrong direction. A good career coach will be the person who will say the tough things you need to hear while supporting your goals. Be prepared to not hear a “yes” on every idea you provide.


If you’re trying to transition into a new role or new career path, you should hire a career coach. Their experience and expertise in establishing new careers can help you reach your career goals.


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