Community Outreach

Free Resume Advisor for Low-Income Families

Program Rules:​


Currently, this program is only offered to those who qualify as low-income or have recently fallen on hard times. You must qualify as one of these individuals. We use the terms "low-income" and "hard times" loosely because we understand everyone’s situation is different and will evaluate depending on your responses.


You must be actively ready to update your resume. If awarded, your advisor will only be available for 30 days following acceptance.

Please note there are limited seats in this program! While we’d love to help everyone, we unfortunately, do not possess the resources to do so. Therefore, we do our best to open our doors to those we can help.

How It Works?

You will get to participate in our free resume review service which provides you with feedback on your resume.

Then, you will get a free resume advisor assigned to you who will provide you with personalized tips and recommendations to restructure and strengthen your resume. They will be available for follow-up support and questions for 30 days.

Your free resume advisor will guide and help you through some resume revisions and conduct another final resume review once your changes have been made to make sure you’re set up for success.

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