Our Process


During the discovery phase, we will learn more about you to help you make the best decision on which package and/or service best suits your needs.

You can participate in our Free Resume Review, Book A Call, or Email/Text us with questions.


Once your package has been purchased, all required questionnaires, forms, and documents must be submitted before your project begins.

Writing & Editing

Once your intake form is submitted, a writer will communicate back and forth with you to get additional information for the initial draft of your documents. In the meantime, they will also conduct research and further develop your documents.

Throughout this phase, you'll have up to three editing cycles to review and offer feedback on your drafts.


After providing feedback on your previous draft(s), wait for the final revisions of your document(s) to be sent back to you for final review and approval.

Once you receive your final draft(s), you will be able to proceed with leveraging these documents in the next phase of the job-seeking process.


Once you've received your final drafts, ongoing support will be available to address any questions or concerns.

Additionally, you have the option to purchase add-on services, such as career coaching or interview preparation, to assist you in your next steps.